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East Granby

The Brzezowski Family

Shriner's Benefit Bowling Night

2015 - 4th. Annual event:

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Past Annual event photos:

 photo may009_zps33ad39b7.jpg photo may010_zpse8affcf9.jpg photo may011_zps6ea6bbd7.jpg photo may012_zps557fd80c.jpg photo may013_zpsc07c7614.jpg photo may014_zps79820e9f.jpg photo may015_zpse7943d78.jpg photo may016_zpsb2d98bfd.jpg photo may017_zpsd72a1267.jpg photo may018_zps8dff0a17.jpg photo may019_zps996cf102.jpg photo may020_zps4c3f4c44.jpg  photo may021_zps5dd06cb1.jpg

Trophies awarded:

* Scores  taken from your first 3 games.

Form a team with your company and Call now to register! Lenny @ 860-209-7851